Most of the women wear bra throughout the day, and some women even during the night.

If we think twice, women actually do not need a bra to make their breasts appear more voluptuous and attractive. Many women are not aware of the fact that squeezing the breasts into a bra sometimes may have negative consequences on the attractiveness of the bust but also on the general health.

Our advice is to put away your bra right now. A lot of things will change, including:


Your cup size increases


If you stop wearing a bra, there is possibility to go from B-cup to a C-cup after certain period of time. In order to resist the pull of gravity on your breasts you will start to use your chest muscles more. Still, it is important to mention that they won’t magically become fuller but it could very well be that they perk up in a natural way, making them appear much bigger.


Your breasts get a nicer shape


Most of the women are convinced that wearing bra prevents breasts from sagging. But, that is not always true. According to a French study, removing the bra may lead to perkier breasts.


A healthier bust


Anyway, the bras are not necessarily bad for the breasts. Still, in the same study it was demonstrated that the wrong size bra has many unwanted negative, side-effects, including discomfort or shortness of breath. Namely, by ditching your bra, your blood flow will improve, you will stop using your pectoral muscles more and it’s much more hygienic as body sweat that previously accumulated between the bra and your breasts, often forms a breeding ground for bacteria. That means by omitting the bra, you also omit this problem.


You’ll feel better


Women love that priceless feeling when, after really long day at work, they finally come home and take off the bras, and this particularly refers to those women who wear too tight and not very comfortable bra. Well, can you imagine enjoying this feeling every single day? We must agree that the feeling itself is enough good reason to question the necessity of a bra.


Sleep disorders can disappear


Those women who keep the bra on when they go to bed and have problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night, the bra may be the problem. According to one study, wearing a bra can interfere with sleep patterns, which means that women get less sleep. Well, this definitely will make you curious about sleeping without a bra at night, right?


You save money


Stylish bra that sits perfectly costs about $100. Despite the fact that there are cheaper types of bras, they are not quality and often you have to buy another new bra. You actually can save or invest the money that you would spend on bras.


It improves your blood circulation


Any time the tight elastic of your bra touches your skin, the blood vessels are pinched and blood cannot flow properly. Experts explain that this may have negative impact on your overall well-being, by making you feel fatigued and lethargic. You might feel more fit and alert if you decide to get rid of your bra.


However, at certain causes, wearing a well-fitted bra is recommended, such as when you are taking a part in endurance sports or if you have a particularly large cup size. Still, otherwise there are 7 advantages that probably will make you reconsider wearing a bra often or at all!