She Took A Little Bit Of Vaseline And Put It On Her Arm. After This, You’ll Want To Do The Same!

How many of you use Vaseline? Do you know what the actual use of this product is?

Almost every house has one tube of Vaseline. Below we have 5 suggestions for you about how to use Vaseline.

Before wringing certain things we advise you to first put some Vaseline so you can more easily unscrew them next time.

Before you put on socks, rub some Vaseline into your feet and your feet will be hydrated, nice and soft.

Before you apply nail polish, rub some Vaseline around your nails. On that way you can wipe it off very easy.

Apply some Vaseline on your earrings before putting them on your ears. This will prevent possible irritation and the earrings much easier will go into your ear.

This is the best trick: put some Vaseline on your hand before applying your favorite cream. You certainly will be surprised of the fact how long the scent will last.

Check the video below and see some extra ideas about how to use Vaseline.