Stop Consuming Lemon Water In The Morning! Millions Of People Make This Mistake!

Lemon is remarkable fruit that can improve your overall health. It is interesting that some people don’t consume lemons because of its specific bitter taste.

Studies have shown that lemons are one of the best sources of vitamin C. Namely, by consuming lemons on daily basis you will get the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C. Besides being great source of vitamin C, lemon also contains potassium, magnesium, electrolytes and copper.


How often do you consume lemon? When and how do you consume lemons?

A lot of people are consuming lemon water in the morning. Namely, majority people are used to consume only the juice from the lemon, while they throw away the peels. But, experts explain that by consuming only the lemon juice, you are not getting all health benefits that lemon offers. Next time, instead you prepare and consume regular lemon water in the morning, we advise you to prepare the recipe that we are going to present you below and thus to obtain every possible health benefit from lemon.

Preparation: in a cup of water squeeze few lemons and into a zest grate some of them and then add that into the cup. Then, take another cup and add the rest of the lemons and after that fill the cup with water. And that’s it!

This remarkable drink will improve digestion and in same time will balance the acidity in your stomach. Also, this mixture will help you to absorb the food and it is great for storing the insulin. Due to high content of vitamin C, lemons are great fruit for your immune system and will boost your metabolism.