After Reading This, You Will Always Put On Socks When Going To Bed! Here’s What Happens!

Do you remove your socks before going to bed? You probably do. Well, according to the latest studies, by putting on socks before going to sleep you actually will spread the blood vessels and signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. But, along with improving your sleep, this nifty and really interesting trick will improve your sex life, as well.


Recently, the Groningen University made a study in which was discovered that even 80% of the couples who had sex with socks on have experienced orgasm. Namely, brain scans have proved that that. Additionally, another experiment showed that if you are not wearing socks during sex you have significantly reduced chances of experiencing orgasm. These studies clearly are indicating that there is connection between wearing socks before sleep and your sex life.


But if you decide to wear socks during the night, make sure to wear new, clean sock, as if you wear the same socks you wore throughout the entire day you increase the risk of fungal infection on your feet which often is really difficult to get rid of.