The Most Powerful Fruit, Filled With Antioxidants That Has 20 Times More Vitamin C Than Orange Juice, The Liver Good…it’s This Tiny Fruit !

The indian goosberry is one of the most popular plants in the herbal medicine. Indian people have been using this plant for about 5000 years just to rejuvenate their body. It can be found beeing green or yellow and can grow up to 18 meters. People from all around the world have been using this plant specifically for it’s sweet and sour taste. If we measure 100 grams of amalaki fruit we actually recevice 470-680 mg of pure vitamin c. Science have also proven that fruit is one of the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Most people don’t know that vitamin c also strengthens the bones and the immune system as well. Vitamin c also isn’t found in this fruit. We can also find flavonoids, tannins and minerals. The alamaki fruit is used to relive the cough, sore throat and other respiratory problems.
Removes toxins from the liver

There was a study made to make sure the effects of alamaki in the liver. It protects the liver from negative effects such as drugs especially against tuberculosis.

Helps in cancer treatments
When fighting cancer antioxidant are one of the most important things to have in your body. They can also prevent from having cancer.
Helping against diabetes
Regularly digesting alamaki in your body lowers your sugar levels and helps prevention of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. The scientists have shown that 3 grams of alamaki powder is very helpful for diabetes medications.
Helps with stomachache
It helps with abdominal pain,diarrhea,cramps,vomiting and other digestion problems that can be solved with alamaki.
Beautiful skin, hair and nails

Alamaki also helps the body stay prevents hair loss and it also rpevents grey hair growth. It is also used in skin creams, shampoos and other stuff.

Helping the skin to recover

The amalaki fruit can be a solution to pimples ,rashes and other skin problems.
Stimulating the hair growth

If you mix alamaki with some hot water and then leave it for an hour and then apply it it will help encourage hair growth hydration and softness to the hair. You should leave it on for 30 minutes then rinse it off.