Making the Holidays a Time for Healthy Celebration!!

November is here and Care Resource wants to remind the South Florida community that there are ways that you can enjoy both the Thanksgiving and the holiday season without gaining weight.

For diabetics, the holiday season is full with temptations. Candy is everywhere. Your well-meaning co-workers bring in plates of cookies that taunt you from the break room. You’ve got invitations to parties where it seems like the foods were chosen to check if you can resist them.

However, you should know that being diabetic doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite seasonal foods.

Managing diabetes is more complicated than simply avoiding sugar. For instance, some carbohydrates can affect your blood sugar levels as much as a candy bar. Your Registered Dietitian can tell you how many servings of carbohydrates you should be eating daily. Although some carbohydrates are better for you than others, it’s the total number of carbohydrates that counts and not the form you’re eating them in. Fat, which abounds in holiday cooking, should also be kept to a minimum. At any time of the year, you should be eating a healthy, balanced diet low in saturated fat, moderate in carbohydrates and protein, and high in fruits and vegetables.

When you go for grocery shopping, always check the serving size. Many packages contain more than 1 serving.  For example, the serving size for spaghetti is most often 2 ounces uncooked, or 1 cup cooked. If you eat 2 cups at a meal, you are eating 2 servings. That is 2 times the amount of the calories, fats, and other items listed on the label. By planning carefully with your Care Resource provider, you can make healthy habit that lasts a lifetime. Visit us at and make Care Resource YOUR medical home.

Remember that holiday meals and traditions don’t have to change your diabetes control. With a little preparation, you’ll be ready to enjoy your holiday.

Join the Care Resource family and help us provide you with the absolute best opportunity for a long, healthy, productive life. Together, we can work in concert this holiday season to help you maximize good health and help you along your healthcare journey. The level of personal attention, at every level of the Care Resource experience not only sets us apart, but it also sets you on the fast track to better health.