If You Eat 2 Bananas Per Day For A Month, This Is What Happens To Your Body!!

Bananas are super delicious fruits, it contains all the nutrients natural sugars vitamins and fibers. nbananas are the number 1 consumed food after oranges and apples so many people buy it and they have become a part of our daily life.the most common mistake that we people make is thinking that the brown spots on the bananas are rotten, but in reality they actually are healthier that way.
What is tnf?—
Tumor necrosis factor (tnf)
Tnf combats the abnormal body cells, helps the communication between the cells of the immune system, and guides the cells to move towards those areas where the infections or inflammation occurs. Ripe bananas contain tnf, so don’t throw them away, they are ones to eat.
Bananas have anti- acidic nature which help against heartburn and reduce it.

Blood pressure

Eating banana will prevent heart attacks as well as lowering the concentration of the sodium in the body and will help in lowering the blood pressure.
Energy storehouse

All the carbohydrates minerals and vitamins that bananas do contain have been known as great boosters just by taking 1-2 bananas before or after phyisical activity will help you with your energy desire.

Fighting anemia

If you are a victim of anemia eating bananas will do great for your body. They stimulate the hemoglobin production and of red blood cells.

Fighting depression
If you are dealing with depression you should eat bananas because bananas contain tryptophan. The banana nutrients get transformed into serotonin. The transmitter that we all know is the brain,by this we get more relaxed happier and our mood improves drastically.

Improving constipation
Bananas are natural solutions to get rid of constipation.you can take a few bananas in high fiber will stimulate bowel movements.

Help with pms/nerves
If you are having a bad/stressed day you should eat few bananas.vitamin b will relax your nerve system, and the carbs it will regulate your blood sugar.this will improve your mood and will make your day better.

Temperature controlling
Banana will help to control your body temperature on hot days or when you have a cold.