They Have 213 Years Together – The Husband Is 108, The Wife 105, And They Celebrate 82 Years of Marriage! Their recipe for living long and healthy life !

What you’re about to read is amazing. This is the couple who has been together for nearly a generation. Duranord Veillard turned 109 in February, and Jeanne turned 105 in May.

They got married when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as president, in November 1932. They did not imagine that they would live this long and that they would live up to this age together. They are a living example of the couples who live their vows spoken on the wedding day, spending the rest of their lives together.

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard have five kids. In 1968, after Duranord had lost his job as a judge and had been awarded a visa to visit the United States, they moved there, and got settled in Spring Valley.

In USA he found a new job as a lab technician at the Good Samaritan Hospital, where he stayed and worked for ten years, and then retired.

You probably want to hear more about the secret of their long-lasting love and happiness and how did they manage to stay calm and happy family.

Well, as Duranord Veillard says, that’s God’s thing.

This year, they celebrated 82 years of marriage.

Duranord is known as honorable man. According to their son, Vely Veillard, 62, there was an interview at the ceremony where his father told the reporter that he can remember every detail of his life and tell them all about their memories.

Next to him, there sat Jeanne Veillard, in a white linen dress and a pair of pink slippers, not letting go of his hand.

She was asked how she met her husband. She answered that this has happened in the street. They remember everything.

Everyone smiled because of her answer.

According to the Veillard family, Duranord and Jeanne are the oldest married couple in the region. They have lived to have twelve grandchildren and even one great grandchild.

Every morning, Veillard wakes up at five in the morning and works out. After those five to seven pushups he does, he drinks a cup of tea, eats his oatmeal and fresh fruit, and his day has started. They usually have fish and fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner respectfully, and go to bed pretty early.

Well that might be their secret for long and happy life.